wtorek, 25 września 2012

O Western Canada: Call for Papers (ENG)

O Western Canada

Student-doctoral conference within Canadian Culture Festival
Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora of the Jagiellonian University
 15-16 November 2012

Western Canada. That’s the place, the country both picturesque and fascinating, to which we will transport ourselves during the main academic event of this year’s Festival of Canadian Culture, the academic conference O Western Canada.
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories. This is Canadian West, usually remaining overshadowed by their eastern brothers. For decades, the interest of the world was drawn mostly to Quebec and Ontario, their roles in shaping Canadian politics, economy, society; and to their rivalry. Meanwhile, those four promising, fascinating provinces became the focus of more and more attention, due to their history and cultural riches. Western Canada is intertwined with the native tribes cultures, with the transcontinental railroad, with the North-West Rebellion led by Louis Riel, or more recently, with hosting of two Winter Olympics. It is the area of thriving economy, but also the area of the issue of western alienation. And we cannot forget about the cultural and sport centers of the cities like Calgary, Vancouver, or Winnipeg.
All those topics and more are to be the scope of the conference organized by the American Studies Scientific Circle and the Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora of the Jagiellonian University. We invite you to send the abstracts for presentations concerning this region of Canada. The conference presentations can be on any subjects related to Canadian West. We hope to receive works on a wide scope of topics such as history, society, economy and politics of the Western Provinces and cities. We’re also waiting for presentations on cultural aspects of the region, like architecture, film, literature, art and music.
We invite you to send your abstracts, along with a short biographical note, via e-mail to festiwalkulturykanadyjskiej@gmail.com before 31th October 2012. We will contact all the authors before 5th November. Presentations can be given both in Polish and in English, and their length should not be over 15 minutes. All speakers will be required to pay a conference fee of 10zł before 10th November. Please ask all the questions about the conference an the festival either via the e-mail above or through the official facebook page of the festival.

American Studies Scientific Circle of the Jagiellonian University